Affiliate Marketers, Will Attribution Change Your Business?

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Marketers, Will Your ?
Now consider this: The consumer, en route to purchasing the product, could easily click on a number of different affiliate marketers' links before finally making an actual purchase. Is it fair then that you earn … For example, say an advertiser …
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Pope Francis: Give and Give Until Everyone Is Poor (To Save the Planet)
But it was just yesterday on this program that I, your beloved host, just your average guy on the radio here, suggested that the pope's encyclical on climate change was nothing more than Marxism, nothing more than communism. Well, get this from …. I …

Trying to cultivate respect for water regulations among pot growers
The event was organized by California Cannabis Voice Humboldt, the 600-member affiliate of a statewide political action committee formed last year. The theme: stepping out of the shadows to get regulated. … the black-market dollars that now flood the …
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