How to Create a Blogger Blog Step by Step Tutorial – Blogger Beginners! Tutorial 2014

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How to Produce a Site by Stage – Blogger Newbies! 2014 How To Make a Weblog Blogger Tutorial Discover how to develop a weblog stage by phase for Newcomers in…
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In this video tutorial you can learn how to produce and a WordPress website and website from scratch phase by stage with no phase skipped. This tutorial will speedily assist you make a web site…

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  1. Andy Martin says:

    Great video just designed and modified my first WordPress site,thanks

  2. Eco-Global Soap Is laundry soap. says:

    Amazing what I have learned from this video. You are owesome!

  3. DAN COSTINEL says:

    nice one!

  4. Lauren Fins says:

    Can’t find the “permalink” tab. It doesn’t appear in my settings. Don’t
    know what “post name” refers to or how important it is. Can anyone help?

  5. ampnightmare nightmare says:

    please i need help to edit my ‘ecommerce my account’ page, but i mean just
    the look of it like make a subscriber’s picture , name, info, Orders,
    buys, edit information you know all with a good looking template or skin,
    you have some video or page i can look for it? I mean only in the my
    account tab in the navigation menu , cuz is not good looking by default…

  6. Md. Masum says:

    Hope Great return receive by Allah. for ur wonderful tutorial, hope I’m get
    advance from U.
    Dear sir I’m a new learner and learning make website. I am need to help
    HTML to WORDPRESS (so many code put when HTML to WORDPRESS make), where I’m
    found. PLEAS ADVICE ………………………………………… 

  7. Wendy Cakes says:

    I don’t have Theme Options on mine… 

  8. Judith Alsing says:

    I just signed up for these tutorials. I hope to receive them soon. Plan
    on buying Publisher by microsoft on Jan. 7th. Hope this will help me
    understand things as right now I feel so overwhelmed.

  9. Charles Taylor says:

    Your #Tutorial is best for the Beginners . There are many software
    that may offers beginners to create a Website . But my Personal favorite
    software is #TemplateToaster .It offers Unique features and Designs That
    will helps you in creating Unique #Themes / #Blogs / #Websites .

  10. Michelle Newbold says:

    I can’t seem to get rid of the little cell phone at the top right of the
    page where you put in your contact information. I’m not a store front so I
    don’t want to put any information in there and was planning on leaving it
    blank. But it has a little tiny cell phone that I can’t get rid of! Any