What is a good merchant account for a small cafe w/ e-commerce?

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Question by Ryan T: What is a for a w/ e-commerce?
I am looking to find the that will allow both swipe and e-commerce abilities at low enough rates for a small cafe avg .50 per . I would prefer to know about companies you might be using or have used in the past. Thanks!

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Answer by Cliff P
There are several options available.

With the average that small you need to be set up with a Small Processing program for the retail section of you cafe. This will allow you to get rates at about 1.90% & .15 per transaction. That means you will pay about .22 for every .50 sale. If you were on a typical you would pay about 1.80% & .25 per transaction. That means you would pay about .31 per .50 sale.

It is very important to be on the right program.

As far as the e-commerce side, It all depends on what you would like to have. If you need a shopping cart for a website, there is a great option if you a re building the website yourself. If you just need the ability to key in credit cards online, then we are talking about a completely different set up.

In either scenario expect to pay more for card not present transactions here. It would be best if your average sale amount was much higher on the side of your business. The rates will be about 2.2% & .25 per transaction.

The company below can assist you with setting up both of those accounts to help you maximize your profits:


Good Luck!

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