Which technology of these two is better for building an e-commerce site?

Question by : Which of two is for an e-commerce ?
I would like to built and e-commerce site using an . Which one is better for this task, PHP or Ruby on Rails?
Thank you.

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Answer by JoelKatz
Whichever the person who is doing it is more familiar/comfortable with. Both of these languages are up to the task.

One possible advantage of RoR is that it may make it easier to implement , such as pages where you click on a ‘+’ icon and see a summary of what’s on a following pages. Or where your put your over a product to see whether it’s currently available.

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  1. rayj says:

    its up to the developer both can do the same job

    php may be better for a beginner since the cost to host and deploy are simplier and more resources of premade script are available

  2. Kate Brown says:

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