Where can I buy a Jewelry box these days?

Question by 4608: Where can I buy a ?
I know there are a on line to get them, but what i’m wondering is if any stores still carry decent selections. I guess it would have to be one of the large stores or something like that.

Any suggestions? I’d like to get my mom a nice Box for Christmas and i don’t have enough time to risk buying it online.

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Answer by Samantha Z
JCPenney of course!

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  1. nyappy says:

    It would be expensive though.

  2. Little F says:

    please search on ebay



  3. Snow says:

    Here’s what you do………jump in your ride….slide down some roads where the stores are…….believe it or not….the older stores that you see around….will have wooden jewelry boxes
    Very nice….well made boxes…….you do not have to go into the most expensive place to find what you want for your mom…..
    Most places carry the same wooden jewelry boxes……the prices are the only thing different !
    Remember places you went to when you were growing up…..the Quality will be the same….but, the prices will save you some pocket change……so, maybe,…you can buy something nice to slide in that box…your getting your mom !!!