What to do about my 16 month old and shopping carts?

by B Tal

Question by rainwriterm: What to do my 16 old and ?
My 16 month old has recently started to climb out of . He won’t sit in the of shopping carts anymore and insists on sitting inside of the cart where all of the good is, even if there’s nothing there. Even sitting inside the actual cart, he won’t stay sitting and wants to stand up. How do you suggest I deal with this and how do I get him to actually sit where he’s supposed to in the cart?

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Answer by Shannon
The seat part of the shopping cart should have . Tighten them so he will sit down as you say. If the store does not have in their carts, they could be violating several codes.

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  1. proudmum.2boys says:

    take the stroller with you when you go shopping. or let him walk with you from the parking lot to the store entrance, so he can get some of that restlessness out of his system before jumping in the shopping cart. try letting him grab stuff off the shelf or put things in the cart.

  2. Kell-o says:

    My son is the same way, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a solution other than shop when he is with a sitter or his dad. Sorry! Sometimes he is good, it is when we get to the check out though that all heck breaks loose! Sometimes (and I know this is bad) I get him a hot wheels car because they are cheap and they will keep him busy will I shop, and that works.

  3. sweet08 says:

    trap him in the cart

  4. Steven D says:

    A smart way to cure the problem is to put him in the seat and push the cart backwards. That way he can see where you’re going and keep him occupied. At 16 months, he should know you’re the boss. If he keeps it up, a tap on his shoulder will stop it. If that doesn’t work apply a hand to his bottom. Every child must learn that there are consequences for their actions.

  5. lelumieredans says:

    My daughter is 13 months & does the same thing unfortunealty –

    Sometimes I’ll give her a “toy” from the store to play with while I shop (I put it back right before getting on line other wise she’d have a billion toys by now!!!) or sometimes I’ll take her out of the cart & let her walk along the side of it with me-She likes to do this but sometimes she also likes to go over and grab things off the lowest shelves (fun fun!) si I have to watch her like a hawk!!!

    sometimes though I just have to strap her in & let her whine about it b/c I just cant do anything else

  6. shareenhmon says:

    Use the other carts. The ones that look like cars that have a steering wheel. You have a busy child so you have to keep changing up on him.

  7. IAskUAnswer says:

    Strap him in the child sitting area of the cart and bring something along for him to do. (Favorite book or toy.) If he’s old enough to understand rewards, maybe promise him a sticker if he stays seated the whole time and after a certain number of stickers he gets some sort of reward (toy, trip to a restaurant, etc.)

  8. twinmomg says:

    Strap him in…my twins used to yell at other shoppers “Help me, auda me (too much Dora)…I stuck” I just kept on shopping…Be careful when he is riding in the basket part of the cart, I had one of my twins fall out (head first) and I grabbed her by the ankle just before she hit the ground! From then on I just strapped them in and shopped away….

  9. roxnroll586 says:

    I have a 15 mo old and he gets restless from sitting in an uncomfortable shopping cart. So, I always let him hold something were buying, I open a bag of crackers or fruit for him to munch and I ALWAYS strap him in the cart. If the strap is broken, I’ll dig through until I find a cart with a working strap. I also use the car carts but always strap him in. Its not worth it if he jumps out and cracks his head!! Its always good to talk to kids in a calm voice while shopping. I must look like a crazy woman explaining why I like pringles over lays but it keeps him involved and they dont scream or misbehave because they’re being ignored.

  10. Emma's MumMum (30 Weeks 2 #2 says:

    Sit him in the cart and tell him firmly that is where he is to sit. He may throw a fit a few times, but eventually he will get the picture. Discipline is important in a case such as this…making him listen is better than having him fall out onto his head.

  11. Diann C says:

    I know that with my little sisters my mom switched to a grocery with a play-place. I know that the Giant Eagle here has an “Eagle’s Nest” where you can drop off your child. They have toys and games and staff to watch the kids. You can do your grocery shopping in peace and your child gets to play, everyone wins!
    Mine is too young for this right now, but I can’t wait until she is old enough, she already hates sitting in the cart.