What steps do I need to take in order to create a successful e-commerce site?

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Question by bkbartys: What do I to in to a e-commerce ?
I already have my own products selected that I would like to sell in my own online e- however I’m not sure about all the actions I need to take in order have the site be a success. I’m looking for a site that would allow me to build my online store. I’m also not sure about what I have to do in order to get my site out there to drive traffic to it. Any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated.


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Answer by Andy H


I will give you some advice on this, but I strongly suggest taking a look at www.start-today.org – it’s a mentoring course designed to do EXACTLY what you’re looking to do.

Basically, to run your website, you need a few :

1. A good
2. A website
3. A way to accept payments
4. Marketing
5. Revision

Here’s to your website:

1. Buy one on (Pretty cheap, and quick!)
2. Make one yourself (Make sure it looks professional!)
3. Hire the local web designer (expensive!)
4. Hire someone from GetAFreelancer.com to build it (A LOT cheaper than number 3)

For a way to accept payments, you’ll need either PayPal or ClickBank (only ClickBank if it’s a digital product).

You don’t even need a shopping cart if you use PayPal – they’ll just let you copy and paste a button.

Finally, you need marketing!

1. Become an expert on the subject.
Most people are not doing this, so you’ll have an edge up. Start marketing yourself in forums, chatrooms, and blogs as an expert on whatever your website’s subject is. Find out why your product, service, or website is better than anyone else’s. (Then tell other people that!)

2. Give away tons of free samples of your product.
With online websites, it’s really easy to find 100000 websites that sell or do the same thing. Make people able to TRUST your website by giving away your product for free, and then by having people write back in and saying how well it’s worked for them. Otherwise, they won’t trust you, and they’ll just leave.

3. Come up with, and market, your USP.
(Unique Selling Point) You need to show people why you’re better than anyone else!Anyways, I hoped this helped. This stuff is just the TIP of the iceberg of marketing!

Good luck!


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