What are some good e-commerce hosting companies?

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What are some e-commerce hosting companies with turn-key that I can just a database of my products and be off and running? No , just a feature rich, configurable solution, including .

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Answer by frameup22
zoovy.com works amazing. Integrate with everybody and change faster than anyone on the internet. Does everything you listed. CSV export to Zoovy and you are ready to go. They have a vast number products but will customize it for you. Already they are up and running on Google Base and are turning on the same software found in Google Suggest. Ask for Paul when you call in.

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  1. Sassy Domains says:

    I have analyzed and found a soluting that meets all your requirments.
    Please visit http://SassyDomains.com and at top right hand side select ‘Marketing Tools’ menu and then ‘Quick Shopping Cart’.

    Here three packages are available depending on number of maximum number of products (20, 100 or unlimited) showcase. Apart from the faclity to showcase your shopping products, you get several other related features. Other important feature is they provide 24/7 telephone and email support.

  2. no_mo_names says:

    I have used many web hosts that use Miva Merchant system. They are pretty basic, but will do all you are currently looking for.

    My webhost is: Westhost, and they offer it on their plans. I think there is a one time setup fee though.