Twitter Receives 3% Of Traffic From Justin Bieber Account

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Justin BieberWhile some celebrities have millions of followers, they simply can’t claim the type of traffic brings to the . The New York Daily News spoke with Dustin Curtis, a designer who interviewed a member of the Twitter staff and they learned that Bieber is so popular that 3% of all Twitter conversations are based around his .

According to the report “racks of servers” are dedicated to ensure Bieber conversations run smoothly, not surprising for a with 5,110,606 followers (at the time of this posting).

Throw in , Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, each who have more than 4 million followers and there you have it, probably a good 5% of Twitter conversations are based around less than half a dozen people.

Other important areas of conversation on Twitter according to Curtis include bashing airlines, bashing Comic Sans and I would be willing to bet bashing Lindsay Lohan, although that’s not a fully vetted confirmation.

Does it surprise you that so much traffic is dedicated to so few people? I have to admit, I’m not all that surprised, Twitter is largely a platform these days for product spammers, celebrity talk and I agree with Curtis, airline bashing.

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