Turn Twitter.com Into a Feature Rich App with MonkeyFly

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If you’re someone who hasn’t found the “perfect” app or just likes to use the . websites for tweeting, MonkeyFly may be for you. Don’t let the funny name fool you: MonkeyFly is small browser with big, useful features. You can currently use the on Firefox (addon, greasemonkey script), Google Chrome (, userscript) and Safari (). For this review, I’ll be using the Google Chrome .

Once you add the extension, you will notice an addition of six small icons (when you first go to Twitter.com). You will also see that there is an actually tab for as well (see below). The “tweet” button is also not visible under the tweet box (until you click inside).

First view of MonkeyFly with new added icons.

What are these icons for? Well the top row of three icons lets you refresh all columns (right now there is only the home column but you can add more). You can also add and remove new tabs with the plus and minus sign. When adding a new tab, you’ll be able to give it a custom name. It will then show next to the home tab, and you’ll also be able to rearrange the tabs (move them around).

Tab view in MonkeyFly.

The row of two icons on the below the three let you refresh just that column and add new columns next to it. Each new column will then have its own refresh icon and minus icon (which lets you close that specific column). So, you could end up having a three or four column view right on Twitter.com! These columns can also be moved around and rearranged as you like. The types of columns you can add are: mentions, direct messages, favorites, your tweets, retweets (by others, by you, your tweets retweeted), lists and saved keywords.

MonkeyFly columns view.

Finally, the in between the sidebar and main column lets you hide the sidebar altogether. You can click on it again to reshow the sidebar. This gives you more space for your tweet tabs and columns.

There are also more options available when scrolling over a tweet with your mouse. Along with replying and tweeting you can also reply to all that are mentioned in the tweet, retweet with a comment and translate the tweet.

There are also more options with the tweet box. Instead of just being able to tweet, you can also add photos (via twitpic), shorten URLs and save tweets as drafts. There is also a progress bar along the top of the tweet box (along with the character counter) that shows you how much more you can say.

Revamped tweet box via MonkeyFly.

In my opinion, MonkeyFly is pretty impressive for an extension. It doesn’t slow down the site at all and it makes reading tweets much easier (with tab and column view). I may actually use the Twitter.com site more often now. How about you?

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Turn Twitter.com Into a Feature Rich App with MonkeyFly

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