Show People What You’re Doing With Plixi

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Plixi is a photo sharing service for and that integrates and events. So, instead of just telling people what you’re doing, you can also show them. The interesting thing about Plixi is that it used to be , and has now transformed. The site is still up so that users will still have access to the photos on that server.

You can get started by using either your Facebook or Twitter account to connect with Plixi. When clicking on “Upload Photo” you’ll get a prompt stating that Plixi would like to use your current location; you can choose whether or not to allow this. You can then upload a photo from your computer or via your webcam.

Upload pictures on Plixi to share on Facebook and Twitter.

With each photo you can add a message (104 characters or less) and tags along with an or place. To create an or place you’ll need to enter an address and name for it. Since other users will be able to add photos to that or place, you can choose to only allow your friends to add photos; there is currently no option to make it totally private. Once you click “Upload” you can also tag friends in the photo before clicking “Done”. Note: You can only add Plixi friends (not Facebook or Twitter friends).

There are many options for . Users can give your photos a thumbs up or thumbs down as well as add it to their favorites, tag it, share it on Facebook and Twitter, embed it, view the full size, and even “like” it on Facebook. They can also add comments. You will be able to see how many views a photo has and how many thumbs up and thumbs down it has (I’m not sure if this is public or only visible to you).

Photo view and options on Plixi.

There are also many options from the homepage as far as viewing your activity and that of your friends. You can also view all or your events and locations at a quick glance and see how many photos and contributors are in each.

If you prefer using your mobile or email account to upload photos, you can do so with the custom email address that Plixi supplies for you. There is also an iPhone app in the works.

If you’re big on privacy, there are a few options that you can customize such as only sharing your activity with friends, hiding your votes, and hiding your favorites. You can also choose to not display a map with photos that include an event or location.

Plixi is a nice upgrade from TweetPhoto. The design is much cleaner and the addition of events and location is a nice touch. What do you think of the new TweetPhoto?

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Show People What You’re Doing With Plixi

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