Q&A: What is the best e-commerce site building service?

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Question by Unsatisfied customer: What is the e-commerce ?
Looking to build an e-commerce site and wondering what the best available solution to this is. Thank you for your help. I have been looking at 3dCart and they seem to be a nice solution. Any opinions or ideas?

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Answer by Michelle S
WebTransit (my employer) offers a range of options here – they primarily use Commerce Server but there are a range of other options too. (http://www.webtransit.com) We can advise you on which shopping cart is better for you and why.

We are Microsoft Registered Partners in Commerce Server for the Atlanta area, but we also work with clients who are remote to us such as the White House Organization (http://www.whitehousehistory.org) and other well known, high traffic clients who have busy shopping cart sites.

You may want to look at my site http://ebusinessmistress.ning.com where there is lots of information about starting up in eBusiness and including shopping cart options, hosting options, and more..

WebTransit is also developing a Commerce Server center of information at http://commerceserver.ning.com for anyone interested in Commerce Server development or business issues. Note that site is not finished yet but has some great content already.

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