Q&A: I would like to start shopping for a new apartment or town home. How would I start?

Question by lovely: I to for a new or . How would I start?
I would like to start shopping for a or town home not to far from my job. How do I start?

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Answer by kswldkat
I would try a like rent.com. you can use a search engine to get you started.

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  1. TamW says:

    newspaper or websites.

  2. BoReDoUtOfMyMiNd says:

    Get an apartment guide book and the Sunday paper. The guide books are usually found just inside the front door of a grocery store like Kroger or Food Lion. You call all the ones you like or think you can afford and compare them. Go and see them before you decide on one.

  3. scra99y says:

    well check your credit score see what that is like and how much you could put down. Go to yahoo and use one of the calculators they have so you know what you can afford every month to pay and set your budget then start shopping.

  4. carolinendaniel says:

    well i don’t know how to start but i know where you should move if you live in San Diego move to Signature Point its great i live here it got a tennis court volleyball court pool inside racket ball court and a gym and by the volleyball have a grilling place and right across the street is a mini mall it awesome move here

  5. kimmie says:

    Get Pre qualified through a bank or lender before you do anything! Otherwise you are just wasting your time!!!

  6. roeleavitt says:

    either look in the newspaper in your town or go to a rental office and they will help you find what you are looking for

  7. sweetiepie4342003 says:

    go to a search engine like http://www.apartments.com and put in what you are looking for and the price and you will be on your way.

  8. hswatsonaz says:

    Look up websites that list real estate for sale. The one I have found that is excellent is below: Good LUCK!


    start by saving up money and then when you have enough money look for an apartment/town home that is near your job and see if there is any free homes there…see what the price is and then buy it if you have enough and start saving money for your bills and all that kind of stuff…good luck…hope you find one soon and get the money to get it.