Q&A: I want to buy some beautiful jewelry,where can I buy them with cheap price but fashion style?

Question by sanny G: I to buy ,where can I buy with cheap but ?
I want to buy some jewelry online,which won’t waste me too much time and simple.I know many chinese suppliers can provide cheap products,and I logged on some websites,but I don’t know where I can buy cheap price,but fashion style and high quality jewelry,and how can I believe they can send jewelry to me after I pay?

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Answer by yearofthesnake

I got a pair of there and got a lot of compliments on them!

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  1. BeAcHbAbE says:

    Umm im not sure online… But you can buy some cheap hot jewlerry at supre

  2. jo says:

    I don’t know about on the internet, but have you tried going to craft markets and places like that. you can get beautiful handmade jewellry quite cheap.

  3. Amanda D says:

    Ebay has some great sellers. Try silvershake.com too.

  4. Bijal J says:

    Hi, have a look on http://www.diamondocean.com.
    I think you will find whatever u r searching for.
    This online jewelry store has largest collection of latest n trendy fashion jewelry and that also 30% less than the market price. Their collections are certified by renowned institutes like GIA, IGC, IGI, GEMEX.
    Hope you will find the best you are looking for.
    Happy shopping.

  5. pryncez93911 says:

    Charolette russe. They have a website, charolette-russe.com. but you cant order anything from the site, you can just see the items. but most malls have charlotte russe stores, at least they do on the west coast

  6. Alan says:

    I know a website name mymoissanite.com, selling moissanite jewelry at low price, include create your own jewelry. It accept paypal payment and “30 Day Money Back Guarantee”, you can charger back through PayPal if you do not like order jewelry.

  7. elm_333 says:

    Try http://www.e-maille.com. Everything is high-quality and handmade down to the smallest details. They even do custom items!

  8. john m says:

    here’s a review of them by ebay members from ebays fashion reviews & guides.