Q&A: How hard is it to open an e-commerce website?

Question by : How is it to an e-commerce ?
what are certain steps when trying to open an e-commerce website for your business? I am sure there are of steps to be taken, can someone please advise? Can it be expensive or is it related to how elaborate the website is?

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There is a great website called www.instantestore.com they are very user friendly and run about a month. I used them for our online paintball store.

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  1. sfuller94 says:

    It’s very easy. The first thing is that you will need a merchant account at some type of bank so that you can perform transactions. I have never had a customer use PayPal as their bank but I hear that this is a possiblity. All of my customers have regular business checking accounts.

    Then I use FlyingCowDesign: http://www.flyingcowdesign.com/. Select to have a Linux server when setting up the account. It will cost around $75.00 to get going. Once you have opened an account, selected your domain name and selected your server, go to the download area and pick their premade free E-Commerce store. This will give you all the customer and product databases premade. You’ll only need to select a theme. There is a default theme that is free but you can go to the company that makes the themes and select an alternate for a small fee to use. There are also shareware themes on their site.

    You will then need to purchase an SSL certificate. This will allow your customers to utilize a Secure Socket Layer for credit card transactions.

    These are the basics. So, barring your inventory costs, you can be up and running with an eccomerce store in a litte more than a Saturday afternoon.

    Good luck!! Feel free to contact me via email if you would like any further advice.

  2. seek_out_truth says:

    Although, I’ve never used it, I believe that Yahoo offers one of the best e-commerce packages at $39.95 per month. I’ve seen others use it and it seems to work pretty good.