How to Target Blog Content

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Bio: Eugene is an SEO specialist with , an SEO services firm in New Jersey.

There are always many criticisms on how one should write a blog for a certain website. Most will probably go to the length of sacrificing their keyword focus just to have a cute, clever and genuinely interesting blog. Even though it is important that we need to keep our blog as clever as possible so as not to bore the reader, we should not forget the opportunity it presents to have your blog raise its commercial value. Here is an approach that you can use to be able to produce a nice and “kick ass” but the keywords are perfectly in sync.

First thing you need to know is attempt to put some links of affiliate products on your blog. For example you have a website that talks about tanning. During summer, you know that a lot of people are looking for ways on how to achieve that tanned look either by going to the beach to soak under the sun or by in a . Well, you can write about the different methods of tanning in your blog and to keep it interesting you could link it to some well known tanning spots such as an amusement park. Then you can include different artificial tanning merchandise which will be the focused of your affiliate links. Not only did you maintain your article interesting but the keywords are also emphasized by your affiliated links.

Another method is what SEO experts call editorial calendar. The concept is to look for a seasonal topic and focus your content on that. You can prepare in advance because this topics can be preparuddy months ahead of time thus giving you perfect lead time to make a keyword focused article. You can also put some affiliated links on it if you want. And don’t forget, these seasonal articles come one after the other so you can interlink each articles by using or ads for additional traffic surge.

Bio: Eugene Aronsky is an SEO specialist with NetLZ, an SEO services firm in New Jersey.

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