exactly what is blogging and how do you make money doing it?

Question by : what is and how do you make it?
I asked about working from got lots of blogging responses. I know what it is or how to make money doing it. Can someone give me some info here?

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I don’t know but if you will try this I hope you will surely make some money but it needs lots of active thinking:-






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  1. krishbhavara says:

    There are innumerable number of reasons why you should blog. Listing out all those is virtually impossible. However, here are some reasons why you should – Blog for Fun, blog to add color to your life, blog to take control of your life, blog to earn, blog to yell, blog to express yourself, blog to relieve yourself, blog to talk your heart out, blog to let others comment, blog to let others share, blog to inspire, blog to tell the truth, blog to spread the news, blog to communicate, blog to share your joy, blog to share your thoughts, emotions, opinions, blog to make others laugh, blog to make others cry, blog to awaken, … … … blog for that, blog for this.

    If all these are not reasons enough for you to blog … then blog for no reason at all. Blog just because you want to, you don’t need anyones permission to do it.

    Get an idea of making money through the web