Collaborate, Snip and Share Content from Around the Web with Snipi

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Snipi is “the smartest way to collect, organize, share and collaborate on your interests by grabbing content from anywhere on the web”. It lets you snip images, videos and products with a simple browser tool. If you happen to use Firefox, you can download a cool toolbar that will let you drag and drop content (within the browser itself) from anywhere on the web. For all other browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome), there is a bookmarklet; the bookmarklet can alternately be used on Firefox as well.

The browser I tried Snipi on for this review was Safari. I went to an item on and then clicked on the bookmarklet. The window below is what was displayed when the window first popped up.

Add to Snipi via Amazon.

As you can see, it lets you cycle through different image thumbnails that you can use (very similar to sharing a URL on ). You can also add a title, description, price, tags and select a category for the item. For some items, you can choose to save it as a shop item (product) or photo. Whichever one you choose will affect how you can share the item across the web and where it will be displayed on the site.

On the right side you’ll see an area named “Streams”. If you are a member of other streams then you can choose to add items to those streams. So while you can join random streams with total strangers, this feature is really great for collaboration with a few friends and large groups as well.

The “” section is for sharing on . You will, of course, have to connect your account beforehand in order to share. A downside to this is that Snipi does not use Twitter OAuth (just yet). You will need to enter your Twitter username and password.

Finally, there’s the “FB/WP” area. Here you can share on Facebook (if supported) and/or (if supported). While on Amazon and filing the item under shop, I got the messages: “Facebook does not support Shop mode” and “ only supports Photo mode”. So, I was not able to share my item on either of those sites.

Once you’re done, you can choose to view the item on Snipi or continue what you were doing. If you view it on Snipi, you will see that there are many options there as well. You can edit the item, share it, view other items on its list, flag it and like it. There is also other info displayed like an overview, , comments, and price comparisons (remember, this is for a shop item).

Snipi item view.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Snipi; you can do so much more. As you can see, Snipi is not just about snipping content around the web; it’s about building a and sharing web content with other users and friends. You can see what others have snipped on their magazine-like interface and lets not forget about the ability to search through shop, photos and videos. Have you started snipping yet?

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Collaborate, Snip and Share Content from Around the Web with Snipi

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