3 Reasons to Start a Private Blog

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Just because you CAN share every detail of your online doesn’t mean that you should. For example, I’m a big fan of Foursquare and a regular user – but you will never see any updates about where I ate last night or what venues I visited. My check-ins are for me.

I also keep several private blogs – each having a different purpose. You might be thinking that a blog read by no one – or only a few people – defeats the purpose of having a blog. But I disagree. Here are several useful reasons to start a blog and set it to private.

KEEP A TRUE JOURNAL. One of the reasons I use FourSquare is so that I have a monthly log of where I’ve been. This helps me determine where my money is being spent, thus helping create a budget for the following month. I also tend to forget things. Having every visit I make to a public space logged, helps me recollect where I’ve been and where I’d like to return. Whether it’s your deepest darkest secrets or a blog that covers a of your life, creating a private journal can be therapeutic; it can also help you identify personal trends that shed light on who you are and what you can change.

KEEP IT IN THE . There are all kinds of services where you can share photos, videos, files and other media with friends and family – but why not start a blog that is for their eyes only? It’s the perfect place to keep a of everything you want them to know. Perhaps it’s mom’s top secret or pictures of your dog’s rash — a blog creates a two-way street of communication between the people you care about the most. And as the years go on, you’ll be thankful that you started a private blog.

COMPANY INTRANET. Blogs are a awesome way to disseminate to many people, in different locations, at any time. A password-protected blog is a good place to share sensitive with employees. At this point, the world is accustomed to reading material in blog format, making it an idiscount touch point. I am in the process of creating a private blog at my full-time job where I will house a website style guide. A blog will let me solicit feedback from employees and make changes on the fly.

The greatest thing about a private blog is that you can always make it public later!

What are your favorite uses for private blogs?

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