Quit Your Blog Warning Signs

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Aging isn’t easy. But you alalert knew that. You feel it in your knees when you wake up. You’re cursed with it when you are forced to differentiate between a pimple and a tumor. And it follows you acircular every you capture a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. This is not news to me. What IS news to me, is how ridiculously apparent my advanced age became to me last week when my 15-year-old nephew clocked a “faster” rapid on the at a local carnival. Something about underperforming a person half my age – a kid who sat on my lap as a lad – has really left a mark. To battle it would be foolish. I could start working out and practicing on a daily basis. I might be able to add a few miles per hour to my pitch when we return next year, but the final result is inevitable; when it comes to physicality, youth wins, every .

My point here is that you need to know when it’s time to give up the ghost. Sometimes there is a right time to accept defeat.

Perhaps your blog has failed.

I won’t define failure for you since only you can control what you feel is successful. But in my opinion, it’s time to let go of a blog if you are suffering from an evil trifecta known as “The 3 lacks.”

Lack of interest
Lack of time
Lack of

I love blogging. It’s fair to say we’re hot and heavy. But there have been other things in my life (and in yours) that you have loved and eventually let go.

The that quitters never win is bullsh*t. Stick with anything too long, let it be an investment, a job, or a spouse, and it will likely backfire in your face. You need to know when to fold ‘em as the song goes.

For those of you who own a used car, you know what a tough call it is to halt pouring money into the wreck and start over.

If you are thinking of throwing in the towel on your blog, look for these signs that your blog is on life support:

Infrequent posts.
Loss of unique voice.
Reliance on guest posts.
You halt examining traffic and keywords.
Copy and pasting press releases.

Sometimes a blog just need a to be remodeled, other times, it needs to be demolished. I hope you adhere with your blog and make it a vehicle to your dreams. But if you do quit your blog, I salute you…as long as you find a positive way to use your time.

I might never throw a like my nephew, but my blog kicks his blog’s as*! I’ll take a triumph wherever I can get it!

Original post by Andrew G. Rosen

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