4 Pop Up Features Bloggers NEED To Stop Using

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With bloggers trying to find new an innovative ways at generating revenue and promoting their brand, it seems many bloggers are now trying “innovative” ways to engage their audience.

While bloggers should always attempt to experiment with new ways to monetize their sites and appeal to the masses, they should avoid startling users with upon landing on a post.

So regardless of whether you’re a blog novice or a guru, you might want to cease using these features, as it could result in a smaller pay check as well as a loss of readership at the end of the month.

Pop Up Ads

Loved by advertisers and loathed by the rest of the human race, pop up ads are making a comeback amongst bloggers in search of new income.

However implementing these ads upon your blog can result in bloggers enabling wilean their browser or (for the more tech savvy), blocking all of your ads altogether.

While you want your ads to be visible to your audience (as you have to eat too), you should avoid throwing one in their face (which truth be told is very annoying).

Pop “Under” Ads

Although not as annoying as pop up ads, pop under ads can leave a bitter after taste for users visiting their site after navigating away from your page.

Sometimes these ads will only become visible after a user closes out their main browser, catching the full attention of users (to the delight of marketers everywhere).

The last thing a user wants to do is close out extra windows after visiting your blog, which could inspire them install ad blockers wilean their browser (which means less revenue for you).

Pop Up

While bloggers should always encourage readers to subscribe to their sites via RSS or email, using pop up subscriptions is the wrong way to do it.

It would be wiser for bloggers to write a post about subscribing to their blog via feed, email or a tweet account instead of repeatedly harassing them for permission to invade their inbox.

Pop Up Comments

Although popular back in the day (think Haloscan times), pop up comments have (thankfully) lost their appeal as many bloggers are adopting comments sections that slide out (when the link is clicked) or are visible from the beginning.

However a few third party comment services are attempting to bring back pop up comments from the dead, which means users will have another reason to install the add blocker.

Even though pop up comments will not annoying readers on the notebook, those viewing your blog on a mobile device may not be thrilled with scrolling in and out in order to fill the comment form fields.

Other Annoyances?

Although these pop up annoyances are probably at the top of the list for annoyances, what other “features” should bloggers halt using in order to avoid irritating their readers.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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