E-commerce & Omni-channel Expertise

We’re laser focused on helping retailers succeed online

We help online and multi-channel retailers and brand manufacturers to succeed online by developing the strategies, business plans, financial plans and organizational models needed to prosper in the digital age.

With many years of experience in e-commerce and cross channel retail, we’re grounded in reality. We work with you to deliver actionable plans to help your online business thrive. Clients often come to us for:

  • Organizational Design
  • Presentation & Workshops
  • Strategic Plans, Business Plans & Roadmaps
  • Customer Experience & Business Evaluations

Our proven approach provides you with a thorough, rigorous evaluation and benchmarking of your online business, highlighting opportunities to improve the customer experience and optimize profitability.

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About us

F.A.E.M.M. is a bunch of rather crazy geeks

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We started our Cottbus, Germany based e-commerce consulting practice in 2009. We’re focused on helping retailers succeed online by working with them to develop strategies, actionable plans and customer experiences that grow and improve performance.

Now, we draw from over 26 years of retail experience and over 17 years of e-commerce experience to find answers to the complex challenges facing our clients in the digital age.


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